Our Vineyard

Son Aloy

One of the largest vineyards in Mallorca.

The vineyard, the grapes, are the essence of the wine’s quality. The Mediterranean climate, the altitude above sea level, the specific characteristics of our Terroir, the high levels of insolation have been fundamental conditions when selecting our varieties, mainly autochthonous, well genetically rooted in our soil and adapted to increasingly long and stressful periods of drought.   

Respect for the ever-increasing social and environmental requirements has led us to certify our vineyard as Integrated Production, working under traditional viticulture and with absolute respect for the environment.

Municipality: Sencelles

Area of vineyard: 40 hectares.

Red grape varieties: Callet, Syrah, Tempranillo and Manto Negro.

White grape varieties: Giró Ros, Prensal Blanc, Viognier, Muscat Blanc à petits grains, and aromatic Malvasia.

Rootstock: Richter 110.

Training: Single Cordon Royat (Single Cordon Spur-Pruned)
Gradual replantation of the whole vineyard over 5 years. So far, a total of 33 hectares have been replanted of the full 40.

Irrigation system: Subsurface.

Vine spacing: 2.4m by 1m (4,166 plants per hectare).

Harvesting: Hand picked.

Annual average rainfall: 450 mm.

Altitude: 125 meters over the sea level